Astral Chain Review | Off the chain

PlatinumGames has been on a roll since its inception a decade ago, and almost every title the studio has released has solid gold. This is a double-edged sword, as it puts each of its new releases under a microscope. After the fantastic Nier: Automata I was skeptical that PlatinumGames could reinvent its beat-em-up RPG formula to such positive results again, but Astral Chain proved me wrong. Although under examination Nier: Automata and Astral Chain have very similar gameplay at their core, the

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception Final Dish | How to destroy it

As part of the Bad Reception quest in Borderlands 3, you have to help out a chap named Completely Sane Sid by destroying satellite dishes. The mission isn’t too tough until you try to destroy the last dish. Breaking the third dish in Bad Reception can be a bit tough since it’s so far away and there’s no way to walk to it since it’s outside the map boundaries. Fortunately, we’ve figured out how to destroy the last dish in the Bad Reception quest in Borderlands 3 and will explain how to do it belo

Borderlands 3 Eridian Writing Locations | How to read Eridian writing

You’ll run into Eridian writing in Borderlands 3 fairly early in the game. However, you can’t read Eridian, so it’s pretty much useless to you. This alien language may have you scratching your head through most of the game, but don’t worry, we’ve got the info you need to learn how to read Eridian in Borderlands 3. How to read Eridian writing in Borderlands 3 First of all, you’re not going to be reading any Eridian anytime soon if you’re just starting the game. When you see the writing for the

Borderlands 3 Item Score | What does it mean?

Borderlands 3 adds an item score for each gun, shield, grenade, and class mod. This score gives you a rough idea of how powerful an item is, though there are some caveats to it. Below we’ll give you the scoop on what item scores mean in Borderlands 3, when they matter, and when they don’t. What do item scores mean in Borderlands 3? Item scores in BL3 are similar to power level in Destiny 2. The higher the number, the more useful/powerful the item is. It’s an excellent way to gauge whether it’s

Borderlands 3 Locked Chest - The Droughts | Pandora Typhon Log locations

You’ll find a locked chest in The Droughts in Borderlands 3, and the way to open it isn’t immediately apparent. Unlike most containers in the game, this one stubbornly refuses just to pop open the first time you encounter it. This is the Typhon Dead Drop, and you’ll need to find the Typhon Log locations scattered around The Droughts on Pandora to unlock this chest. This is just the first set of logs you’ll need to find as each planet has a dead drop you can unlock. How to find the Typhon Logs i

Sega Genesis Mini Review | It's a Blast (Processing)

Sega is the latest video game company to hop on the nostalgia train with a mini version of one of its classic consoles. The Sega Genesis Mini is a replica of the Genesis (or Mega Drive if you’re from anywhere other than the U.S.) Model 1 at 55% scale. The microconsole contains 42 classic Sega Genesis games and easily connects to any modern display via HDMI. The two controllers (which are thankfully full-size) that come with the Sega Genesis Mini are copies of the originals that came with the mod

Monster Hunter World Conflagrant Sac Location | Which monster drops Conflagrant Sacs?

The Conflagrant Sac is one of the new Master Rank crafting materials found in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Some of the more powerful new armor requires Conflagrant Sacs to produce, and so, you’ll want to find which monsters drop them. We’ll show you every location in Monster Hunter World where you can find a Conflagrant Sac below. You can get Conflagrant Sacs from a number of creatures in Monster Hunter World. However, one thing to keep in mind is that since it’s a Master Rank material, you’

Will Borderlands 3 be on Xbox Game Pass?

Having Borderlands 3 on Xbox Game Pass would be a major coup for Microsoft. As one of the notable titles of the season, Borderlands 3 on Game Pass at launch would be a big draw for the service. However, the truth behind this topic is a little opaque, and the official response so far will leave fans scratching their heads. Will Borderlands 3 be on Xbox Game Pass at launch? Borderlands 3 will likely be coming to Xbox Game Pass eventually. Due to some rumors that you can play three days early if

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Character Boost | Can I instantly level to HR 16?

To start Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you have to be at Hunter Rank 16. Many players who just want to get into the new content want to know if there’s a way to boost your character in MHW straight to HR 16 so you can play Iceborne straight away. We’ll cover whether or not boosting to HR 16 in Monster Hunter World is a possibility below. Can you boost your character to HR 16 in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? MHW: Iceborne is a traditional expansion, something that is relatively rare these d

Does Gears 5 have ray-tracing (RTX) or DLSS support?

Although the tech has been slow to take hold, many PC players are starting to expect AAA games like Gears 5 to support ray-tracing. Whether or not RTX support exists, and if the title includes options for DLSS, is a deciding factor for some gamers when choosing which platform to play the game on. Unfortunately, some people are going to be disappointed. Is there Gears 5 RTX and DLSS support? Unfortunately, Gears 5 ray-tracing isn’t available at the game’s launch. For even worse news, there hasn

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Review | The way DLC should be

These days a full expansion for a game is a rare thing. Most of the time if a game receives content updates, it’s as part of a season pass or some live service scheme. I’m so used to small bits trickled out at an irregular pace that I’m a bit taken aback (in a good way) by Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Instead of just one new monster and some clothes or something lame like that, Capcom has elected to go old school and give us something more akin to Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction or The Witcher

Polymega Saturn emulation makes it the best way to legitimately play Saturn games

If you’re a retro Sega fan, you know that Saturn has been one console where emulation has been spotty at best. The Sega Saturn is one of the better-built consoles of the 1990s, but all hardware fails eventually. Fortunately, the upcoming Polymega emulation console has possibly the best Saturn emulation we’ve seen yet. The team behind it has released video of some notoriously tricky to emulate titles running on the Polymega. I spent some time with the Polymega at E3 and was blown away by its pol

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Silent-40002, 30086 error fixes

Ghost Recon Breakpoint players are running into Silent-40002 and Silent-30086 errors and facing crashes on connection. While some have had problems caused by the BattlEye launcher, the Silent errors when trying to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint are a different matter altogether. How to fix the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Silent-40002 and Silent-30086 errors Unfortunately, when the Silent-40002 and 30086 errors pop up when trying to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint, there’s no real helpful guidance given as

Monster Hunter World Update 10.11 Patch Notes

It’s finally here. Monster Hunter World update 10.11 adds Iceborne to the game alongside a ridiculous amount of changes. You can see everything MHW update 10.11 adds in the full patch notes below, but we’ll highlight some of the more interesting things first. The big addition that comes with patch 10.11 is the addition of Iceborne content. With the new update Monster Hunter World gets: A new story set after the end of Monster Hunter World. • Slinger can be fired with weapon unsheathed. • Tailr

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne How to Beat Beotodus | Material drops and carves

Beotodus is the first new monster you’ll face in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. While Beotodus isn’t too hard to take down, when you meet it, you’ll still be getting used to the layout and perils of Hoarfrost Reach. As such, the fight can be tricky, especially given the high speed with which Beotodus moves about. Below, we’ll address the first fight with Beotodus, but you can use the same strategies in any hunt. We’ll also tell you all the Beotodus material carves and drops in Monster Hunter W

New Pokemon Sword and Shield details: Pokemon Camp, outfits, hairstyles, League Cards, and Surprise Trades

During today’s Nintendo Direct we got to see some new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield. Pokemon Camps will allow you to spend time with your Pokemon and cook them food as well as connect with other trainers in the Wild Area. There was also news concerning how you’ll be able to customize your trainer, with hairstyles and clothes showcased. An updated form of Mystery Trades called Surprise Trades was revealed in the Nintendo Direct alongside League Cards, which can provide detailed info abou

Nintendo Switch Online SNES game list revealed, will be released soon

It’s finally happened. Nintendo Switch Online will finally be getting Super Nintendo games. Fans have been clamoring for a full virtual console experience, and the addition to SNES games, as announced at today’s Nintendo Direct, to the Nintendo Switch Online library brings us one step closer. Starting on September 5, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can access a library of 20 SNES games. The list of Switch SNES games is: • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past These are only the initial of

Banjo Kazooie Smash Ultimate DLC release date, Terry Bogard, Undertale's Sans, and more DLC fighters coming revealed

During today’s Nintendo Direct we learned a heaping helping about Smash Ultimate‘s future. The Banjo Kazooie fighter DLC release date was confirmed (it’s today). We also got a peek at the next fighter, Terry Bogard of SNK’s Fatal Fury. Additionally, we got the good news that the fifth DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate won’t be the last. There will more fighters coming in the future, and more details will come soon. Undertale’s Sans will be joining the game as a Mii Fighter costume as well. Banjo a

Monster Hunter World Poison Sac: How to Find Pukei-Pukei and Get Them Fast

Crafting is a significant part of Monster Hunter World gameplay, and often you’ll find yourself scratching your head over how to get the items you need. One of the first items that’s likely to give you trouble is the Poison Sac. Poison Sacs are used to craft many items in Monster Hunter World, so figuring out how to find them is essential to continue powering up your hunter. How to Find Poison Sacs in Monster Hunter World When you go to craft an item that requires a Poison Sac for the first ti

Monster Hunter World Augmentation: How to Use Streamstone to Augment Equipment

So you finally hit the end of your weapon tree and upgraded your favorite armor to max in Monster Hunter World. Well, get ready for more grinding. You can further improve weapons in Monster Hunter World by unlocking the Augmentation System. Once it’s available, you can use it to augment weapons and armor using Streamstones, which are scarce items that make the grinding you had to do before look like child’s play. However, with the Augmentation System, you can take your weapons and armor past th
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