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Star Fox Adventures N64 prototype, Dinosaur Planet, ROM released by preservationists

One of the holy grails of the Nintendo 64 has leaked thanks to the preservation group Forest of Illusion. The N64 ROM for Dinosaur Planet, which eventually became Star Fox Adventures on GameCube, was released today to much fanfare. Thanks to assets left in demos of Star Fox Adventures and the final game, we knew that Dinosaur Planet was pretty far along in development when it was canceled. However, according to the group, after some hacking, it should be playable to the end. What makes the Dino

Persona 5 Strikers Playable Characters List and Unlock Requirements

Persona 5 Strikers has a solid list of playable characters that will be very familiar to players of the original game. Despite the decent roster, there are some characters that are noticeable missing from the lineup. Some of the party members in Persona 5 Strikers must be unlocked as well, though most are available at the beginning. Who are the playable characters in Persona 5 Strikers? Most of the Phantom Thieves are available as playable characters in Persona 5 Strikers. Those who played thr

Diablo 2: Resurrection console release should be the first of many for Blizzard

The announcement at BlizzCon 2021 that Diablo 2: Resurrected is coming to consoles as well as PC was a pleasant surprise for viewers. Though the company got its start developing games for the Super Nintendo, some of its most iconic games are PC and Mac exclusives. While a few titles have eventually made their way to console, like StarCraft and Diablo 3, some of the studio’s best-sellers remain firmly computer-only. Given Blizzard’s low output – it’s only released 19 games in its 30-year existenc

Everything announced at the BlizzCon 2021 Opening Keynote

BlizzCon 2021 wasn’t as action-packed as some past years have been. However, there was still a plethora of announcements that Blizzard fans will love. During the keynote, we got updates and reveals pertaining to Diablo, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and a treat in the form of a trio of Blizzard’s classic titles. The Blizzard Arcade Collection is now available as part of The Blizzard 30-Year Celebration Collection or as a standalone purchase. It combines The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing, a

Valheim Mounts | Are there ridable animals?

Many want to know if Valheim has ridable mounts. Given the vast territory in each seed, one would think there’d be a horse or something for a Viking to ride. Surely Odin wouldn’t have a warrior sprint everywhere, right? We’ll discuss whether there are Valheim mounts or not below. The good news for those who don’t want to sprint everywhere is that there are some mobility upgrades. Unfortunately, these are limited to water only in the form of boats. Valheim doesn’t currently have mounts, so land

Pokemon: TCG Squirtle Value | How much is a Squirtle card worth?

Pokemon: Trading Card Game has seen a burst in popularity over the last year. This has some collectors taking a close look at the value of their catalog. For example, many want to know how much their Squirtle Pokemon cards are worth. Of all the cards produced, those of the original 151 Pokemon usually command some of the highest prices. What is the current value of a Squirtle Pokemon card? Before a collector can determine the worth of their Squirtle Pokemon card, they need to narrow down some

Overwatch Update Today | Patch Notes February 18, 2021

An Overwatch update released today, and the patch notes have some interesting details about the changes it brings. However, there aren’t any significant additions like a new hero or new map. Instead, this update focuses entirely on balancing and bug fixes. This Overwatch patch didn’t include any major nerfs or buffs, and the current meta shouldn’t see any fundamental changes. The following characters got stat changes with today’s update: • Fortify: Now prevents critical headshot damage when the

The Miitopia Switch port shows how much potential Mii continue to have

One of the big shockers of today’s Nintendo Direct was the announcement of a Miitopia Switch port. This remaster has some enhancements, like additional cosmetics and a horse companion, but remains true to its original formula. The odd thing about this port is that it seems to be a reversal of Nintendo’s deemphasis on Miis over the last few years. Miitopia shows how much potential Miis have Nintendo’s iconic avatars haven’t seen much love from the company over the last few years. They were an i

Xbox FPS Boost List | Which games get a framerate boost on Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft has unveiled a new Xbox FPS Boost feature for its Xbox Series X|S consoles. This will allow some Xbox One games to have a boosted framerate when playing them on Xbox Series X|S. So far, the list of games that work with Xbox FPS boost is small, but it should be growing over the coming months. As of writing, five games have been updated to work with Xbox FPS Boost. However, this list should grow quickly as more patches are released to make games compatible with the feature. The list of

The Saga Frontier and Legend of Mana Switch remaster Nintendo Direct trailers are two of the most exciting shown

Trailers from the Saga Frontier Remastered and Legend of Mana Remastered were shown at today’s Nintendo Direct. While the Saga Frontier remake was announced via Tweet last fall, this is the first time we’re seeing either game in action. These 32-bit RPGs debuted on the PlayStation. However, they were underappreciated in their original incarnations, which is what makes their appearance on the Switch so exciting. Given the increasing rarity of original PS1 copies, this will be the first opportunit

Metroid 4 Prime missing from Nintendo Direct February 2021 despite impending 35th anniversary for the series

With today’s Nintendo Direct being the first big one in a while, fans thought we might hear something about Metroid Prime 4. It’s the Metroid series’ 35th anniversary this August, but we heard nothing concerning Nintendo’s plans to celebrate it today. Given that this was an excellent opportunity for at least some news on the eagerly anticipated game, many wonder why it was missing. Why wasn’t Metroid Prime 4 at the Nintendo Direct? Metroid Prime 4 was first announced at E3 2017. Initially, dev

Nintendo Switch Online N64 | Will Switch get Nintendo 64 Virtual Console games?

Fans have been clamoring for Nintendo 64 games on the Switch since the console was released in 2017. On both the Wii and Wii U, players could purchase N64 games and play them through the Virtual Console. However, for some reason, Nintendo hasn’t made this available with the Nintendo Switch. It’s been four years since the Switch hit shelves, and fans are still wondering whether the N64 Virtual Console is coming to Nintendo Switch Online. Will Nintendo 64 games come to Nintendo Switch Online or V

Is a Zelda Collection coming to Switch for the 35th anniversary?

It’s the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, and we’re all anticipating a big celebration from Nintendo. Of course, we’ve got Breath of the Wild 2 coming soon, but surely Nintendo has more in store for one of its most iconic series. One of the best (and easiest) things would be a Zelda Collection for Switch. However, after the lackluster and pricey Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Nintendo really needs to go all out with this one. Will a Zelda Collection come to Nintendo Switch? Tomorrow we’re g

Nintendo Direct Predictions Bingo | How to play along with the stream

Everyone is trying to predict what will be announced at tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. With so little news coming out of Nintendo lately, the 50-minute stream could throw anything at us. With the potential for so many curveballs, we couldn’t help but throw together a little game of Nintendo Direct Bingo. Everyone is a winner (or a loser) with Nintendo Direct Bingo predictions We love the Big N, but Nintendo Directs are some of the biggest salt generators on the internet. The Switch’s first-party

What cereal has Pokemon cards?

It’s the 25th-anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, and the celebration has already begun with exclusive mini-sets of Pokemon cards popping up. The McDonald’s cards are incredibly popular right now, and we’ve seen large format cards release as well. There’ll be more sets releasing as the year goes on, too. That means fans will want to know what cereal has Pokemon cards and when they’ll release. Which cereal has Pokemon: The Trading Card Game packs inside? As part of the Pokemon 25th-anniversar

McDonald's Pokemon Cards are selling for ridiculous prices

Pokemon: The Trading Card Game has seen a rise in popularity over the last year, and the McDonald’s Pokemon card 25th anniversary promo set is commanding high prices for what it offers. Though it’s a unique 50 card (25 standard + 25 holographic) set, all of them are reprints. Given that an international fast-food company is carrying it (and this is just one of the current Pokemon TCG promos going on), it’s not rare either. So, what is causing the McDonald’s Pokemon card 2021 value to rise so hig

How to turn off raytracing Xbox Series X

One of the most exciting new features of the Xbox Series X is raytracing. This real-time lighting technique can help make scenes more realistic and is a technology that will shape gaming in the coming years. However, it’s incredible hardware intensive, so some gamers will want to turn off raytracing on the Xbox Series X to improve performance. Can you turn off raytracing on the Xbox Series X? Players can choose to turn off raytracing on the Xbox Series X, at least sometimes. Unlike PC raytraci

Valheim Chimney | How to get smoke out of your house

Building a chimney in Valheim is a necessity all players will eventually encounter. Unlike most with most survival games, Valheim models smoke correctly, and if it builds up, it’ll start causing damage. So, those who don’t want to perish from smoke inhalation will want to find a way to vent it out of their homes. How to build a chimney in Valheim To sleep in a bed in Valheim, a character has to be warm. Building a fire outside a wall and cheesing the system works in the short-term, but eventua

Godfall Primal Update Patch Notes | What's new in 2.4.44

The Godfall Primal update has dropped, and the patch notes detail many changes to the game. Godfall update 2.4.44 brings some significant adjustments to key gameplay systems and improves the postgame by allowing players to continue powering up their characters past the level cap. As its namesake suggests, this patch also brings Primal Items into the game, which have massive buffs to their primary trait. Gearbox has steadily added content to the game since the original patch released in November

Valheim How to Fish | Fishing Rod Location

Learning how to fish in Valheim isn’t hard. The tricky part is figuring out how to get the fishing rod and bait needed to do so. Unfortunately, crafting a fishing pole isn’t a possibility in Valheim. Instead, players will have to search for the location where they can purchase one. How to get a Fishing Rod in Valheim Most items in this game can be crafted once players find the right ingredients. However, this is one of the few pieces of equipment that must be discovered by other means. To get
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