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Everything we learned in the latest Resident Evil 3 remake trailer

The latest Resident Evil 3 remake trailer contains more information than it may seem at first glance. Along with the new screenshots released today, the trailer includes a gold mine of knowledge on what the remake will be like. The devs behind RE3 remake said the game would contain more changes than RE2 remake did, and it looks like they weren’t exaggerating. Today’s trailer and images show new locations, characters with expanded roles, and more. Of course, these are only glimpses into what we

Bioware may have just teased a Mass Effect remaster or remake, again

A tweet from the official Bioware account seems to point to an impending announcement of a Mass Effect trilogy remaster or remake. The tweet is simply the opening cutscene of the original Mass Effect with a cryptic message: This teaser follows another tweet on January 7 with a quote from Mass Effect 2. The tweet reads: “However insignificant we might be, we will fight, we will sacrifice, and we will find a way! That’s what humans do.” Alongside the text, Bioware posted an image of the SSV Norma

The new Doom Eternal trailer is hellishly good

A new Doom Eternal trailer dropped today, giving us another look at the eagerly anticipated shooter from id Software and Bethesda Softworks. It looks more polished than previous footage we’ve seen, and the delay seems to have given id the chance to make this game something special. In the trailer, we see the Earth dominated by a demonic portal. Radio chatter indicates that billions of humans have died. It also seems like the demons have shattered the moon for good measure. The Doom Slayer appea

New Resident Evil 3 trailer highlights Nemesis himself

Today, Capcom dropped a surprise new trailer for Resident Evil 3 remake that gave us a closer look at Nemesis. The iconic Tyrant has been updated for the remake, and the trailer shows the redesign isn’t just graphical in nature. In the Resident Evil 3 remake, it appears that Nemesis will have new weapons at his disposal and will be an overall more threatening enemy than he was in the original. One of the significant additions to Nemesis’s arsenal we can see in the trailer is a giant flamethrowe

Super Nintendo World theme park launches this summer in Osaka, and will come to US later

We got more information on the Super Nintendo World theme park by Universal Studios, previously announced to be opening in Japan. We now know the park will open its gates sometime this summer before the commencement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This news comes via Kurumi Mori (@rumireports), a reporter with Bloomberg. She attended a Super Nintendo World Global Kick-Off Presentation that filled attendees in on some of what parkgoers can expect. A central aspect of the Super Nintendo World experi

Morbius trailer easter egg is an unlikely nod to Spider-Man PS4

The Morbius trailer premiered today, giving us the first good look at the second picture in Sony’s Marvel Universe. Morbius stars Jared Leto as the titular character and will serve as Morbius the Living Vampire’s origin story. The trailer gave us a lot to digest, and though Spider-Man isn’t slated to make an official appearance in the film, an easter egg does feature Spider-Man PS4 from Insomniac Games. At the 2:10 mark in the Morbius trailer, you can see graffiti of Spider-Man painted on the w

You can thank Games For Windows Live for the GTA 4 Steam delisting

We reported on the delisting of Grand Theft Auto 4 from Steam on Friday. Since then, Rockstar has addressed the removal of the ability to purchase GTA4 on the Steam store. As we hypothesized in our initial article, fans can thank the title’s integration of the now-defunct and much-reviled Games For Windows Live service for the delisting. According to USGamer, Rockstar Games replied to an inquiry on the delisting with the following statement: “Grand Theft Auto 4 was originally created for the G

Resident Evil 3 remake won't include multiple endings, will have more open spaces

Resident Evil 3 remake will, of course, have some changes from the original source material. Some of these differences will be more popular than others, though. In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK, RE3 remake producer Peter Fabiano confirms that the game won’t feature multiple endings like the original did. When asked if the Resident Evil 3 remake would have multiple endings, Fabiano’s answer is a plain and emphatic, “No.” This isn’t too big of a loss, though. Resident Evil 3

Escape from Tarkov Factory map extraction points | Exits and Factory key location

Learning the Factory extraction points in Escape from Tarkov isn’t too difficult. Factory is one of the smaller maps in the game, which means navigation isn’t hard once you’ve got the layout down. However, its small size is a double-edged sword; less room means you’re more likely to run into trouble. What makes extraction from the Factory tricky is that there are only five exits available. Of those five, only one is always open for PMCs. This means finding alternate extraction points is essenti

How to play Escape from Tarkov | Beginner's Guide

If you’re a beginner to Escape from Tarkov, you’re in for a hard time. This unforgiving game doesn’t include any tutorial, and hardly anything is explained to you outside of a few vague tooltips. The lack of direction is a recipe for frustration, especially for those who plan to take on the game solo. Fortunately, Escape from Tarkov isn’t as opaque as it would seem at first glance. It’s a very complicated game, but once you figure out the basics and learn the gameplay loop, you’ll quickly catch

Red Dead Online update brings new clothing and Moonshiner bonuses this week

The first Red Dead Online update of 2020 doesn’t bring any earth-shattering new features, but there are a fair amount of goodies for players to enjoy. There is a fair amount of new clothing available for purchase through the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co Catalogue. Additionally, Moonshiners of all ranks will get a chance to collect some bonuses and benefits. The following clothing items will be added to the catalog this week: ALSO: The January 2020 Nintendo Direct is actually a Pokemon Direct Addit

The January 2020 Nintendo Direct is actually a Pokemon Direct

The rumored Nintendo Direct for January 2020 is actually a Pokemon Direct. The stream starts at 9:30 am EST/6:30 am PST and promises around 20 minutes of new Pokemon information. Unfortunately, the announcement didn’t include any teasers for what will be presented at the Pokemon Direct. However, we can speculate on some of the content based on previously announced projects. ALSO: Elgato 4K60 S+ lets you capture 4K gaming on the go More than likely, the Pokemon Direct will include info on Poke

This high-end gaming PC also comes with a built-in water-cooled PS4 or Xbox One

If you’ve ever wanted to have that extra little bit of excess in your high-end desktop, Origin PC has you covered. The Big O was announced today at CES 2020, and it features a high-end gaming rig and either an Xbox One S or a PlayStation 4 Pro in the same chassis. The Big O’s construction isn’t as simple as a PS4 Pro or Xbox slapped inside a PC case. Instead, Origin PC installs the console mainboard in the second chamber of the Corsair Crystal Series 280X chassis and uses a custom water-cooling

The Super Retro Champ lets you play SNES and Genesis cartridges on one portable device

The Super Retro Champ from MyArcade will allow you to play both Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games on the go when it releases later this year. While there are plenty of portable emulation devices that have less awkward form-factors, if you’re a retro purist, you won’t find many products as versatile as this. You can tell the Super Retro Champ takes its design cues from the Super Famicom from the curved off-white rear to the rainbow A, B, X, and Y buttons. Since it takes carts, it has to be a

New Xbox games announced for January 8-10

This week’s new games on Xbox have been announced. While no major AAA titles are coming, some of these indie darlings may catch your eye. ALSO: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum brings stealth and Tolkien to next-gen consoles January 8 brings us four new games on Xbox: Panda Land is in trouble, and only Super Panda can defeat the ancient menace which threatens his animal pals. This 8-bit homage blends classic gameplay with modern conventions for a delightful RPG throwback that retro fans will lo

Game Deals: Kingdom Hearts, Dead or Alive 6, Samurai Showdown, and more

The holidays might be over, but the savings are eternal at GameStop. Take all those gift cards you received for Christmas and head over for some great game deals. • Dead or Alive 6 – PS4 – New – $14.99 (Was $19.99) – Buy it Here • Digimon World: Next Order – PS4 – Pre-Owned – $19.99 – Buy it Here • Kingdom Hearts III – PS4 – New – $14.99 (Was $39.99) – Buy it Here • Samurai Shodown – PS4 – New – $19.99 (Was $29.99) – Buy it Here • Borderlands Game of the Year Edition – Xbox One – New – $19.99 –

These are the most downloaded Nintendo Switch games of 2019

Nintendo has released the Switch eShop download ranks for 2019, and the results are somewhat surprising. While it won’t shock anyone that Fortnite takes the number one spot, there are definitely some titles ranking higher than we anticipated. It should be noted that when tallying this list, Nintendo included all titles in the Switch eShop. That means free-to-play games are mixed in with those that cost money. So, this list isn’t really an indicator of bestsellers for the system. Regardless, it’

'Mother 4' fan game gets renamed to 'Oddity' and the reveal trailer is amazing

What started as a Mother/Earthbound fan game has now blossomed into a new IP of its own. Mother 4, an eagerly anticipated fan game that’s been in development since 2013, is now titled Oddity. This name change was announced alongside a teaser trailer that shows how far the game has come in the six years since the team started working on it. While the game still has noticeable influences from the Mother series, it will no longer contain any connections to Nintendo’s beloved franchise. Given the f

Switch Pro is 'no doubt' launching in 2020, says analyst

It seems like since the Nintendo Switch launched, we’ve heard rumors of a “Pro” model floating about. For the platform’s first two years, Nintendo seemed content with its original form factor. However, with the release of the Switch Lite, it looks like the company is willing to diversify its hardware options. Dr. Serkan Toto, an analyst with Kantan Games, is convinced that the Switch Pro will see the light in 2020. According to his comments in an article from Gamesindustry.biz, Toto has “no dou

NBA 2K18 servers go offline this month

A little over two years after its release, online functionality will end for NBA 2K18. On January 18, 2K will take the servers for NBA 2K18 offline, officially ending support for the game. While two years may not seem like a long time for a game to be online, owners of NBA 2K18 are getting 18 extra days than those who played NBA 2K17 received. Support for 2K17 ended on January 1, 2019. If trends continue, those who purchase an NBA 2K game should only expect a bit over two years or support. The
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