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Back 4 Blood Review: 'A worthy successor'

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead and is Turtle Rock Studios’ first major title since releasing the poorly received Evolve. However, since Turtle Rock Studios produced the original Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood isn’t a clone or a ripoff. Instead, it’s very much what Left 4 Dead 3 could have looked like if we lived in a parallel universe where Valve hadn’t largely abandoned all its IPs. At its core, Back 4 Blood is very similar to Left 4 Dead. During the campaign, four survivors

Back 4 Blood Bots are Terrible: Is the AI really bad?

Back 4 Blood features bots in solo mode and as a replacement for human players in the campaign. Historically, AI partners haven’t made the greatest substitute for human teammates in multiplayer games, so people are wondering if the bots are terrible in Back 4 Blood. Is the bot AI in Back 4 Blood bad? The bots in Back 4 Blood are actually really good. That is, as long as you understand their limitations. In fact, we found playing through the game on Survivor (normal) difficulty a more enjoyable

Metroid Dread: How to beat Experiment No. Z-57 quickly

Beating Experiment No. Z-57 in Cataris is one of the more challenging boss fights in Metroid Dread. It has wide area attacks, and it’s easy to get trapped and die. However, there are a few strategies that players can use against Experiment No. Z-57, including an insta-kill (like with Kraid), but we’ll cover the technique we used to beat this boss quickly. What’s the easiest way to beat the Experiment No. Z-57 boss in Metroid Dread? Like the other bosses in Metroid Dread, the boss fight with Ex

Back 4 Blood: What is bullet stumble?

In Back 4 Blood, some attachments increase “bullet stumble,” but, like with some of its other mechanics, the game doesn’t do a good job of explaining what this stat does. Without information on how it affects the game, many players might choose to ignore anything that increases the stat, which might be a significant mistake. Fortunately, we’ve figured out how bullet stumble works in Back 4 Blood, and we’ll share that knowledge here. What does bullet stumble do in Back 4 Blood? Bullet stumble i

Metroid Dread Review: 'An excellent comeback with minor issues'

It’s hard to believe Metroid Dread is the first original 2D game in the series since Metroid Fusion was released in 2002. Appropriately, Dread picks up where Fusion left off both in story and in gameplay. Longtime fans of the series will be immediately gripped with a feeling of familiarity as Samus explores the mysterious planet ZDR. Given its popularity, it feels like there should be more Metroid games. After all, it helped to spawn a genre and is one of Nintendo’s most beloved properties. How

Samsung 980 Pro Review: 'A finely crafted speed demon'

Samsung SSDs are known for their quality and speed, and the 980 Pro is an attractive option for those who want to install a secondary internal SSD in their PS5. That was our use case in this review, and we were pumped to finally get more than 667 GB of storage on Sony’s latest console. There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to PS5-compatible hard drives (the Seagate FireCuda 530 we recently reviewed being one of them), as the console can’t take just any m.2 SSD. Unlike the Xbox Series X|S,

Metroid Dread: Where to go after getting Space Jump

Players might be wondering where to go after getting the Space Jump in Metroid Dread. This ability allows Samus to perform an infinite amount of spin jumps, and is immensely useful for traversal. However, there are not many places in the immediate vicinity of the room where players get the Space Jump that need the new ability and it’s easy to get stuck trying to figure out where to go. Fortunately, we know where players need to go after reaching the Space Jump, and we’ll lead users there below.

Back 4 Blood Continue Campaign Not Working Stuck on Searching Fix

Back 4 Blood offers the option to continue a campaign if players quit a run prematurely. However, those who use this option might find that it doesn’t work as one would think and it gets stuck on searching instead of matchmaking. Unfortunately, this seems to be an issue of labeling that we’ll explain below. Why is continue campaign not working in Back 4 Blood? The continue campaign feature in Back 4 Blood is supposed to be used in a party. It can be used to pick up where a team left off and is

Metroid Dread Early Bombs: How to get the bombs before Kraid

Metroid Dread players have found a way to get the bombs before the Kraid fight, which unlocks an interesting easter egg. Those who want to get the bombs early and insta-kill Kraid will have to go off the beaten path and sequence break, but the process isn’t too tough to pull off. How to get the bombs before Kraid in Metroid Dread To get the bombs early in Metroid Dread, players must first get the Grapple Beam. Obtaining both of these items before the Kraid fight requires players to sequence br

Metroid Dread Post-Game: What is there to do after beating the game?

Those thinking of playing Metroid Dread are likely curious about the post-game content. Given that it’s a $60 game, people want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth. So, we’ll take a look at what there is to do after beating Metroid Dread below. Metroid Dread has post-game content in the form of Hard difficulty and unlockable artwork. That’s not much compared to open-world games, but there are some player-driven things to do after beating Metroid Dread for the first time. The game

Back 4 Blood: How many campaigns and acts are there?

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, and fans are wondering how many campaigns are available to play. The story of Left 4 Dead is split into various campaigns, each of which has several acts, and Back 4 Blood has a similar format. However, there is a big difference in nomenclature between the two series that makes it a bit a confusing. How many campaigns and acts are there in Back 4 Blood? Back 4 Blood launched with one campaign split across four acts. Left 4 Dead fans migh

Back 4 Blood vs. Left 4 Dead: What are the differences?

Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood were both made by Turtle Rock Studios. As a result, the two games are very similar. In fact, if the Left 4 Dead trademark wasn’t owned by Valve, Back 4 Blood might very well be titled Left 4 Dead 3. However, there are differences between the two titles which we’ll detail below. The core gameplay of Back 4 Blood is very similar to that found in Left 4 Dead. A team of four survivors must make their way from a start of a level to a safe room. Along the way, the survivo

Metroid Dread Stuck After Beating First Boss: Where to go when you get to Cataris

Metroid Dread players might find themselves stuck after beating the first boss. Getting the Phantom Cloak ability from Corpius lets Samus access the elevator that leads to the next area. However, once players get to Cataris, they might get stuck since it looks like all the paths are too hot for Samus to survive. Furthermore, the way ahead is well hidden, and many players won’t immediately notice how to access it. Where do I go when I first get to Cataris in Metroid Dread? When players get to C

Metroid Dread: How to beat first boss in Artaria

The first boss in Metroid Dread is by far the toughest enemy players have encountered up to that point (besides EMMI with its instant kill). Beating the boss in Artaria takes some perseverance because Corpius doesn’t go down as quickly as most Nintendo bosses. However, it does follow a pattern, and learning it will allow players to exploit Corpius’ weaknesses and kill it. How to beat the first boss in Metroid Dread Artaria region To beat the first boss in Metroid Dread’s Artaria region, player

Metroid Dread Softlock: Is it possible to have to start the game over?

Some players might fear getting a softlock in Metroid Dread. There aren’t any waypoints and only general instructions on what to do, so there may be times it seems like players just need to start the game over. Those wondering if their Metroid Dread save is softlocked should read on to get back on track. Can you softlock in Metroid Dread? You can’t softlock in Metroid Dread. Some players might get stuck in a situation where they don’t know where to go, but that’s just the game’s way of funneli

Is Windows 11 safe to use yet?

Those who are thinking of upgrading are wondering if Windows 11 is safe to use yet. Updating to a new OS is usually a big deal, and some past Windows launches have been disastrous. Fortunately, in the past, Microsoft has issued fixes that smoothed out any early problems. However, with the launch of Windows 11 being so recent, people are still antsy about installing it. Is it safe to upgrade to Windows 11 yet? If Windows 10 works well on a user’s computer and it meets the system requirements, i

How to launch the rocket in Battlefield 2042 and how to destroy it

In the Battlefield 2042 Orbital map, a rocket serves as a centerpiece of the level. Through the course of a match, the rocket prepares to launch, and players are wondering what triggers this process and if they can destroy the rocket. Fortunately, there’s an easy answer for how to launch the rocket in Battlefield 2042 and how to blow it up. How do you launch the rocket in Battlefield 2042 Orbital? To launch the rocket in the orbital map in Battlefield 2042, players just need to wait. It’ll lau

Back 4 Blood one or more items in this bundle didn't install yet download error fix

Some users trying to play Back 4 Blood for the first time are encountering a download error that’s preventing the game from being installed. Error code 0x803fb107 gives text that states, “one or more items in this bundle didn’t install yet.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide much help other than saying that it’ll keep trying to download. Here are some suggestions for fixing error code 0x803fb107 and resolving any downloading issues. How to fix “one or more items in this bundle didn’t install ye

Is Windows 11 good for gaming?

Windows 11 is out, and PC players are wondering if it’s good for games. A new OS can bring cool new features (if your computer can run it), but it can also bring performance and compatibility issues. Previous Windows releases have wreaked havoc on gamers, so many are wondering if they should take the plunge and upgrade to Windows 11 or stick with Windows 10. We’ll examine on whether or not Windows 11 is good for gaming at launch and what features it brings. Is Windows 11 good for gaming, or doe

Far Cry 6's cockfighting makes animal cruelty into a minigame

Far Cry 6 takes place in a fictional nation called Yara. It’s an obvious analog for Cuba, and the inhabitants are of Spanish descent. As such, there’s a lot of references to Latin and Spanish tradition. While some of this is done tastefully, the most astonishing addition, one which I’m shocked made it into the game, is a cockfighting minigame. The cockfighting minigame in Far Cry 6 takes the form of a fighting game. Players pick their rooster and take on opponents just like in Street Fighter, T
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