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Riders Republic has an extreme number of players

Riders Republic finally got a solid release date in a trailer at Ubisoft Forward at E3 2021. Players will be able participate in 50-player races while mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit flying, and rocket wingsuiting, and we got to see some of this gameplay highlighted today. Ubisoft has positioned Riders Republic as a “massively multiplayer sports game,” which means there’ll be a huge player count. The next-gen and PC versions of the game will support 50 players per race, while th

Mario and Rabbids 2: Sparks of Hope sequel playable characters list

Mario + Rabbids 2 was announced with a trailer at Ubisoft Forward E3 2021, with the upcoming sequel officially unveiled as Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. The original title was a big surprise when it was revealed E3 2017 as Nintendo is typically very protective of its IPs. The zany mixture of Mario and Rabbids won fans over, and the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC gave Ubisoft even more to work with from Nintendo’s IP stable. Check out the debut trailer below: Who are the Mario + Rabbids 2 playab

Ubisoft supporting Assassin's Creed: Valhalla into year 2 with more DLC

The second big piece of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, The Siege of Paris, got a release window at Ubisoft Forward E3 2021. Surprisingly, Ubisoft also committed to supporting Valhalla into its second year of release, a first for the series. As the title suggests, the upcoming expansion takes Eivor to 9th century West Francia and centers around the sacking of Paris and the fight against the Vikings and Charles III. However, other than a hint that Odin would be involved, the only upcoming DLC we know

Why wasn't Skull & Bones at Ubisoft Forward E3 2021?

One of the titles that was conspicuously missing at Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 was Skull & Bones. While it hasn’t officially been canceled, almost three years have passed since its initial scheduled release date, leading many to believe it’s dead in the water. Ubisoft has stated that a “new vision” for the game is the cause of the multiple delays. Still, the title missing yet another major event doesn’t bode well for its future. Where was Skull & Bones at E3 2021? Ubisoft’s conference was rather

Beyond Good and Evil 2 wasn't at Ubisoft E3 2021

Beyond Good and Evil 2 wasn’t at Ubisoft Forward E3 2021, leaving the game’s status a mystery. Production on the title has continued on and off for over a decade. The devs first showed the current version of the game at E3 2017, and material trickled out steadily throughout the next couple of years. However, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was MIA throughout 2020 and this year, and its absence at E3 2021 isn’t good news for a title with such a convoluted development cycle. Why did Beyond Good and Evil 2

What is the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora PS5, Xbox Series X, PC release date?

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was one of the highlights of Ubisoft Forward at E3 2021, and fans are wondering when they’ll get their hands on the game. This first-person action-adventure game has gotten a release date already – well, sorta. We’ll go into when Frontiers of Pandora will release, what platforms it’s being developed for, and story details below. What is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora’s release date? As with many games these days, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora got a release window. We

Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and Captain Laserhawk anime announcements show big moves for Netflix and Ubisoft

As part of the E3 2021 announcement wave, we’ve learned that Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and Captain Laserhawk animes are coming to Netflix. The first two properties are familiar to any game enthusiast, but the latter is something new. This marks a continuation of Netflix’s anime adaptations of video game properties which began with the very successful Castlevania. When are Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and Captain Laserhawk getting a release date? Unfortunately, we didn’t get many details on when the S

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands trailer revealed at Summer Game Fest E3 2021

Wonderlands was revealed during today’s Summer Game Fest Kickoff. This Borderlands spinoff stars fan-favorite character Tiny Tina. Given the success of Borderlands 3, it’s not surprising that Gearbox is expanding the franchise further. However, this game won’t pick up where Borderlands 3 left off, instead opting to go its own way. As opposed to being an extension of Borderlands, this is being poised as a separate universe that puts a fantasy spin on the looter-shooter formula. That means we’ll

Among Us DLC 2021 Roadmap: Hide and Seek mode, new map 5, new roles, achievements

The Among Us DLC roadmap for 2021 was revealed at Summer Game Fest 2021, and there’s a lot to like here. Hide and Seek mode, Map 5, new costumes, visor cosmetics, colors, roles, and more are coming this year. We only got a tiny peek at what’s in store, but it looks like the hit game will only get better in the months to come. What’s coming in the Among Us roadmap? There’s a ton of new content coming to Among Us, but we only got to see a tiny bit of each feature. We’ll give a rundown of each an

Elden Ring release date and trailer revealed at Summer Game Fest 2021

At Summer Game Fest 2021, Elden Ring finally got a second trailer and a release date. Though it’s only been two years since the game was revealed, FromSoftware fans have been on pins and needles waiting to see Miyazaki’s next project. Unsurprisingly, it incorporates the dark fantasy feel exemplified by Dark Souls but looks to evolve the formula into a more open and story-focused adventure. What’s Elden Ring about and when is its release date? What we saw in the trailer was a blend of mythology

What we know about Elden Ring's story so far

From what we can gather so far, the story concerns the titular object being shattered. While the title brings to mind The Lord of the Rings, the Elden Ring isn’t an object that you can wear on a finger. According to an interview with IGN, the Elden Ring is more of a force that serves to bind the world to its laws. At some point, this is shattered, which leads to the events shown in the game. The ring also seems to have served as a barrier against creatures referred to as “Tarnished.” With the l

Will Elden Ring have bonfires?

After the Elden Ring trailer dropped, we’re left with more questions than answers. One big thing fans want to know is whether or not Elden Ring will have bonfires. These were a big gameplay element in the Dark Souls series, so it’d be a great connector between FromSoftware’s old and new titles. Will there be bonfires in Elden Ring? It appears from the second trailer that there may be bonfires in Elden Ring. One particular scene highlights a bonfire, though the player isn’t seen using it. Given

Minecraft: How to tame an Axolotl

Axolotls have been added to Minecraft in the Caves & Cliffs: Part I update, and players want to know if they can tame these new animals. Axolotls are unique in Minecraft as the first amphibious creature introduced to the game, which means they behave differently from other animals. This might leave some people scratching their heads about whether or not an Axolotl can be tamed. Can you tame Axolotl in Minecraft? Unfortunately, Axolotls can’t be tamed in Minecraft. These creatures work a bit di

Minecraft: How to breed a blue Axolotl

Axolotl breeding has been added to Minecraft in the Caves & Cliffs: Part 1 update. Players are wondering how to make the new amphibious creatures multiply. Users will be especially curious as to how to breed the rare blue Axolotl. Unfortunately, getting a blue Axolotl has the potential to be very time consuming and leaves the player at the mercy of RNG. Fortunately, there’s a way to speed up to process. How to breed a blue Axolotl in Minecraft There’s only a 1:1200 chance of breeding a blue Ax

Will BioWare be at E3 2021?

With all the different conferences and events scheduled, players might wonder if BioWare will be at E3 2021. Most of the big players are attending this year, even though the event is all digital, so why not BioWare? The answer to that question is pretty obvious to most. Still, in the tangled web of the gaming industry, it’s not hard to forget what publisher owns which studio. BioWare won’t be at E3 2021. The studio hasn’t had any showings at E3 since Mass Effect Andromeda was revealed at E3 201

Nintendo E3 2021 Predictions: Switch Pro, Breath of the Wild 2, Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo’s release schedule for the past year hasn’t been too impressive, so we’re expecting big things. We’ve tried to keep our Nintendo E3 2021 predictions realistic, so we’ve not put Mother 3 or an Earthbound remake on here. Instead, we’ve stuck with things that should get announced sooner or later, regardless of whether they make the cut for E3 2021 or not. It seems like we’ve heard predictions of a Switch Pro since the Switch debuted, but things may finally be coming to a head. Recently “l

Will PlayStation be at E3 2021?: Will Sony hold an E3 State of Play?

According to the schedule that dropped this week, PlayStation won’t be making a showing at E3 2021, the year’s biggest gaming event. This isn’t new, Sony hasn’t had a presence at E3 since 2018, but fans wonder whether there’ll be a State of Play during E3 week to sate our curiosity. Will PlayStation be at E3 2021? Sony will once again be skipping E3 in 2021. For whatever reason, PlayStation feels like it can showcase its games better on its own. While other large companies have opted out of E3

Bethesda E3 2021 Predictions: Will Starfield finally be revealed?

Bethesda’s E3 2021 reveals are hard to predict since its showcase is now part of the larger Xbox E3 conference, but there are a few things we’re almost positive to see. The biggest question is whether Bethesda will have part of the Xbox show dedicated to its upcoming titles or whether they’ll be interspersed throughout. Alternatively, each of the ZeniMax studios may be treated as a separate entity by Microsoft. Still, we’ll be grouping our predictions according to their former structure. Bethes

Xbox E3 2021 Predictions: Halo Infinite, Fable, Forza, and more

After a lackluster few years, our Xbox E3 2021 predictions are optimistic. Microsoft has been buying up game studios left and right, and we’re likely about to see these investments start to pay off. Even before the major Bethesda purchase, Xbox had some heavy hitters working on first-party titles. Now that the disruption from the COVID epidemic is subsiding, we anticipate these studios will show off some big games. Below are our best guesses at what fans will see at the Xbox E3 2021 conference.

Nintendo Switch Pro Specs: Will it do 4K?

Rumors of an impending Nintendo Switch Pro reveal has fans guessing at the system’s specs. Although the Switch Pro is assumed to be a mid-life update, as opposed to an entirely new console, many hope that it’ll contain more powerful hardware that’ll allow it to display in 4K when docked. We haven’t had confirmation on the Switch Pro’s specs or even its existence, but we can make some speculations on what it may look like. Will the Switch Pro’s specs allow it to display in 4K? Nintendo could be
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