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Resident Evil Village Crumbling Wall: How to break open cracked walls

Players will run into several crumbling walls in Resident Evil Village. The first one is in the puzzle room in Castle Dimitrescu, which must be busted to claim the treasure. However, there are several cracked walls in the game which are easily overlooked. Fortunately, players can use the same method for breaking open all the crumbling walls in Resident Evil Village. How to break the cracked walls in Resident Evil Village The first time players encounter a cracked wall in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village puzzles needed to up the ante but failed

Resident Evil has never had many brainbuster puzzles. Sure, some require a bit of thinking (the chess plug puzzle in RE2 remake comes to mind), but nothing that requires more than simple logic and memorization to complete. However, recent main series entries, Resident Evil Village included, have regressed from even that, relegating each “puzzle” to simply grabbing an item and putting it in the right place or rotating something to fit in a slot correctly. Why doesn’t Resident Evil Village have b

How to escape the castle in Resident Evil Village

Ethan can’t catch a break. One of his first significant challenges in Resident Evil Village is figuring out how to escape Castle Dimitrescu. After he tracks his daughter there, he finds himself locked in with Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. With Rose nowhere to be found, he has to escape the castle as quickly as possible to continue his journey. How do you escape the castle in Resident Evil Village? Escaping Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village is a rather involved process. However, t

Resident Evil Village Wedding Box: How to open the music box

Players will find the wedding box in Resident Evil Village when progressing through the House Beneviento section of the game. This minor puzzle can be pretty confusing for those who have never run into a music box of this design before. Fortunately, solving the wedding box puzzle isn’t too tricky once players understand how it works. How to solve the wedding music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village The wedding music box can be found in a side room in the hallway after finding the combination

Resident Evil Village: Village of Shadows difficulty differences

Resident Evil Village Village of Shadows difficulty is significantly harder than Hardcore, almost to the point of being unfair. The game doesn’t give a great description of the differences between Village of Shadows and the other difficulties. Since the RE games vary so wildly as to what their difficulty settings do, it’s hard to know at first glance what players are getting themselves into, but we’ve played enough of the hardest mode to gives a good rundown on what to expect. What’s the differ

Resident Evil Village Best Pistol: Which handgun should I use?

The pistol will be Ethan’s mainstay throughout Resident Evil Village. Though he gets access to a large arsenal, players will want to find the best handgun in the game since ammo for it is plentiful. Finding the best pistol in Resident Evil Village isn’t simply a matter of choosing which one is strongest. There is economics involved since upgrades cost a lot, especially on weapons unlocked later in the game. What’s the best handgun in Resident Evil Village? We can go ahead and put one handgun o

Resident Evil Village: Can the Samurai Edge be upgraded and is it worth using?

The Samurai Edge can be obtained in Resident Evil Village as part of the Trauma Pack DLC. This customized Beretta 92F is the same Samurai Edge – AW Model-01 that appeared as Chris Redfield’s sidearm (and an unlockable) in Resident Evil 7. However, it’s nowhere near as powerful as it is in its previous incarnation. As such, players are wondering if the Duke can upgrade it or whether it’s worth using at all. Can the Samurai Edge be upgraded in Resident Evil Village, and is it worth using? Unfort

Resident Evil Village Puppet Hiding Locations: How to find the Angie doll boss

The boss of House Benevieto in Resident Evil Village isn’t the franchise’s typical beast. Instead, players have to match wits with Angie, a puppet controlled by Donna Beneviento, and play a deadly round of hide-and-seek with her. It might seem simple at first, but finding this puppet’s hiding locations takes a sharp pair of eyes, especially given all the other distractions they’ll face during the “fight.” How to find the House Beneviento Angie puppet hiding locations in Resident Evil Village A

Resident Evil Village Luiza's Key: Where to use it and what it unlocks

Players will run across Luiza’s Key fairly early in Resident Evil Village. Astute explorers may find it on their own or through the information provided by the Duke. Regardless, it’s not immediately obvious what it unlocks. However, most players will have seen what Luiza’s Key will open, even if they didn’t realize it. What do you do with Luiza’s Necklace in Resident Evil Village? Players can find Luiza’s Necklace after returning to the village from Castle Dimitrescu. It’s sitting in an ornate

Resident Evil Village: Are there missable items?

Fans of the series will be watching for missable items in Resident Evil Village. The franchise is notorious for locking off areas with little warning, which can cause players to leave behind valuable items and ammo. Village is a bit more open than previous Resident Evil games, but players can’t access several areas again once they’re left. What are the missable items in Resident Evil Village? There are a great many missable items in Resident Evil Village. This is because four major areas are l

Resident Evil Village Reattach Hand: How do you heal Ethan's arm?

In Resident Evil Village, Ethan loses his hand again. This time a good chunk of arm goes with it. For most people in the same situation, this would be a permanent (and perhaps fatal) injury. After all, Ethan isn’t exactly in the position to get it surgically reattached. However, this is Resident Evil, so there’s a way to reattach Ethan’s arm. How do you reattach Ethan’s hand in Resident Evil Village? When working his way through Castle Dimitrescu, Ethan finds a switch to open a passage in the

Resident Evil Village Ending Explained

Some players will find the ending of Resident Evil Village to be perplexing. Many plot threads come together here, both from this game and from Resident Evil 7, so it’s easy to get confused. We’ll run through the last 30 minutes or so of RE Village and explain the ending. The ending of Resident Evil Village begins when Ethan defeats Heisenberg’s mutated form. Mother Miranda appears, tells Ethan that Rose will be reincarnated as her daughter, and literally rips his heart out. Chris Redfield reg

Resident Evil Village: Does Lady Dimitrescu die and is she really a vampire?

Lady Dimitrescu became the face of Resident Evil Village when she was revealed in full in the third trailer for the game in January 2021. The story behind this tall vampire lady, and her ultimate fate, has a subject of widespread speculation since then. We’ve known Lady Dimitrescu wouldn’t be the lead antagonist for a while; Mother Miranda takes that role. However, it was hoped she and her daughters would play a prominent role in the game, even if they ended up dying. Now that Resident Evil Vil

Resident Evil Village: Who is the Old Woman?

Early on in Resident Evil Village, Ethan will encounter a mysterious old woman who neglects to identify herself. The old lady is one of the cultists who worship Mother Miranda, but she’s weird enough that even the other villagers think something is wrong with her. Despite running into her several times, Ethan will never directly learn who she is or her name. This will leave many players wondering who the old woman in Resident Evil Village is even after it’s over. Who is the old lady in Resident

Resident Evil Village: Who is Ozwell Spencer?

An easy-to-miss file in Resident Evil Village mentions Ozwell E. Spencer. Some hardcore fans will recognize the name, but those that don’t shouldn’t feel bad. Though he had an immense influence over the events of the franchise, most won’t know who Ozwell Spencer is. Read on below to find out how Spencer’s letter has major repercussions for Resident Evil’s lore. Who is Ozwell Spencer in Resident Evil Village? Ozwell Spencer is the key founder of the Umbrella Corporation, and the person who set

Resident Evil Village Get past the werewolf attack: How to open the red door

Early on in Resident Evil Village, Ethan is attacked by a large group of werewolves. These Lycans will keep coming until a big werewolf with a hammer shows up, and it’ll seem like Ethan is pinned. The one escape route seems to be through a red door, but it refuses to open. Fortunately, there’s a way through the Lycan attack, but it’s easy to panic and die before the right circumstances occur. Here’s how to survive the werewolf attack and open the red door in Resident Evil Village. How to beat

Does Ethan die in Resident Evil Village?

Capcom stated that Resident Evil Village is the conclusion of Ethan’s story. Fans are wondering if that means he’ll live happily ever after or be killed in the course of the game. The answer is a bit complicated, and we’ll explain whether Ethan dies in Resident Evil Village or not below. Does Ethan get killed in Resident Evil Village? Ethan is technically dead before Resident Evil Village even begins, and even before most of the events of Resident Evil 7. As players will learn near the end of

Resident Evil Village originally featured Ada Wong as a side character

Resident Evil Village has one of the larger casts in the series, but it was originally going to be even bigger. Sometimes friend, sometimes foil, Ada Wong appears in an unlockable slide in Village’s concept art gallery sporting a fascinating costume. She’s nowhere to be found in the final game, but commentary from the devs gives us an idea of where she’d show up. What was Ada Wong’s role going to be in Resident Evil Village? From comments accompanying the concept art, it appears that Ada Wong

Resident Evil Village: Who is the Duke?: What's his true identity?

Oddly enough, one of the biggest mysteries of Resident Evil Village is the identity of the Duke. Over the course of the game, most questions are answered (though not always satisfactorily), but we never find out exactly who the Duke is. However, there are a few clues, which we’ll discuss below. What is the Duke’s real identity in Resident Evil Village? Players might think they’ve missed where The Duke’s true identity is explained in Resident Evil Village. The closest this question comes being

Resident Evil Village Review: 'A good game with excellent production value'

Resident Evil Village reviewed on PS5. Also available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, and as such, it has big shoes to fill. After the bestselling but poorly received Resident Evil 6 (and some terrible spin-offs), Resident Evil found itself in a rut. Fortunately, Resident Evil 7 tapped into the franchise’s roots and combined classic survival horror with modern gameplay to revitalize the series. Since the debut of R
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