‘Observer’ serves up body horror, existential philosophy and cyberpunk aesthetic in one of the best games of the year so far

This is the second game from Bloober Team, the Polish-based game studio behind the excellent Layers of Fear. On a physical level, it’s a disturbing look at poverty, classism, corporate greed and the morality of genetic engineering and cybernetics. It doesn’t stop there though; the above lead into the major theme of the game: In our effort to better ourselves with technology, will we end up losing our humanity?

Selfish players are ruining ‘Battlefield 1’ — here's how to fix it

The unique World War I setting of Battlefield 1, with its less effective automatic weapons and slower vehicles, lends itself to a more methodical playstyle that seems to emphasize teamwork more than just running and gunning, which I enjoy. However, lately, it seems like something has changed that I have had trouble putting my finger on. There’s some subtle difference that has led to the game being more frustrating.

The second 'Splatoon 2' splatfest is over, and there's already controversy about who won

The Splatoon 2 Splatfest took place yesterday in North America, with Team Ketchup and Team Mayo going head-to-head to see which condiment was the best. The results are not what players were betting on seeing, and there are some questions on how exactly they were calculated. The Splatfest winner ended up being Team Mayo, but their upset victory may change the way these events are handled in the future.

Is the closure of BioWare Montreal a sign the brand will meet the same fate these EA studios did?

BioWare Montreal, developer of the divisive Mass Effect: Andromeda, will be closed and folded into EA Motive. In May, the studio was downgraded to a support studio and assigned to work on Star Wars Battlefront 2 and provide long-term support for Andromeda. During this switch over, some employees were transferred to EA Motive. Now, according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen during the Q1 2018 EA earnings call, the entire studio will be shut down, and the BioWare Montreal name retired.

'Persona 5' will be adapted as an anime by A-1 Pictures next year — but will it be any good?

It’s safe to say the stylish RPG Persona 5 has done well for itself. It opened to overwhelmingly positive reviews when it debuted on April 4, with publisher Sega recently announcing its shipment of 1.8 million copies worldwide. People can’t get enough of Persona 5, so it’s no surprise that parent company Atlus has just announced that the game will be getting its own anime adaptation in 2018 with Jun Fukuyama reprising the voice of the protagonist.

Will Amazon's Treasure Truck bring the NES Classic Edition to more cities soon?

Amazon is the latest retailer to uncover a hidden reserve of NES Classic Edition mini consoles, and they’re putting them on sale today. However, like ThinkGeek’s recent sale, there’s a major caveat to getting your hands on one. Unfortunately, this time it’s not a minor annoyance like having to buy the NES Mini in a bundle. Instead, you’ll have to live in one of the select areas serviced by an Amazon Treasure Truck.

Walmart is canceling SNES Classic pre-orders because the listing went live by mistake

The SNES Classic Edition went live for pre-order last Friday on Walmart’s website — at least, that’s how it appeared. There were the usual issues with small numbers of order cancellations being reported on social media when a product as popular as the SNES Mini goes on sale; that’s to be expected. After almost a week, however, we figured that the rumors that the listing went up by mistake were false.

Unfortunately, on Wednesday, many of those who ordered the SNES Classic received an email addre

‘Pokémon Go’ Fest plagued by connectivity issues as players boo Niantic CEO

The first Pokémon Go Fest is going on right now in Chicago’s Grant Park, and the way things are shaking up, it might well be the last. Niantic promised that the Fest would be a celebration where fans could come together to catch rare Pokémon, take part in special raids, and get their hands on some exclusive items and eggs. However, many at Pokémon Go Fest say the game is unplayable, citing cell phone tower overloads, server connectivity issues, and general technical errors.

Here’s why there aren’t any good ‘Game of Thrones’ video games

Game of Thrones season seven has officially begun, and everyone has A Song of Ice and Fire fever again. If you’re all hyped up about the franchise, you might be thinking about playing a video game based on the series to tide you over till the next episode premieres. Well, too bad. There aren’t any outstanding titles — at least not any licensed ones. Unfortunately, Game of Thrones has joined the pantheon of the terribly handled movie, TV and book-based video game licenses.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' may see a Nintendo Switch release, but it'll be awhile

After finally revealing somewhat of a release date for the hotly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 during Disney’s D23 Expo, Square Enix had more in store for fans. During an interview session between IGN and Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura, some pretty important tidbits about where the game could land in the future were shared: A Kingdom Hearts 3 Nintendo Switch release isn’t out of the question.
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