Star Trek Apocrypha: Major canon facts that were silently ignored

In the 50 years that Star Trek has been around, the franchise has shifted direction multiple times. New showrunners have come and gone with each TV series, and major characters have had their backgrounds obscured, retconned, or remade entirely as time has gone by. Writers have done their best most of the time to keep all the thousands of characters, locations, starships, and events in sync with each other. Even major mysteries like the change in the appearance in Klingons between Star Trek: The

How can we make Star Trek: Discovery canon?

In a tradition set down by the beloved Star Trek Enterprise, Discovery has starships that are supposed to predate The Original Series which look like they should be alongside the Enterprise-E fighting a Borg Cube or docked at Deep Space Nine beside the Defiant. The USS Discovery doesn't go quite as far as the NX-01 in retconning earlier starships to be much sleeker than designs we're used to from the time, but it still looks very odd considering the Constitution-class (including the Enterprise)