Lance Reddick Has Died at Age 60

Lance Reddick has died at age 60. According to TMZ, Law enforcement discovered his body at his home in Studio City, CA, at 9:30 a.m. this morning. The reason for his death hasn’t been announced, but sources say it appears to be from natural causes. Reddick was not known to be suffering from any illness at the time of his passing.

Lance Reddick, the voice of Destiny’s Zavala and Horizon Zero Dawn’s Sylens, has passed away

Reddick’s first video game voiceover was the role of Derek Carter in the

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review (PS5)

I approached my review of the Resident Evil 4 remake with caution. I thought the remake of RE2 was an excellent modern translation of the original. However, the Resident Evil 3 remake was lacking in content and showed little regard for the original. So I was wondering which direction the remake of RE4 would take.

Fortunately, this is Capcom’s crowning achievement. It raises the bar for remakes in the same way that the original Resident Evil 4 did for the action-horror genre. Most importantly, i

Minecraft 1.20 Patch is Now Called the 'Trails & Tales Update'

Mojang has officially announced that the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 patch will be called the Trails & Tales update. According to Mojang, the name represents the journey Minecraft takes players on, and the unique stories each player brings back.

The announcement that the Minecraft 1.20 patch will be known as Trails & Tales came as part of the new Minecraft Monthly news show that Mojang is publishing on YouTube. Some of the significant features that the patch will bring include a cherry blossom biom

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review (PS5)

I’m always down for a good Souls-like and was thrilled to hear that Team Ninja was developing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. I recently replayed Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, and I was ready to get back into action. Fortunately, though this game has some flaws and peculiarities, most fans of the genre will find it satisfying.

Wo Long takes place in Three Kingdoms era China. The Yellow Turban Rebellion is in full force, and you take the role of a simple militiaman defending a village against a horde of

Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Coming Soon, Mercenaries Mode Confirmed

At today’s State of Play, it was announced that a Resident Evil 4 remake demo is coming soon. Additionally, it’s confirmed that the game will feature the popular The Mercenaries mode.

The Mercenaries mode is excellent news when it comes to longevity for Resident Evil 4 remake. For those unfamiliar with The Mercenaries mode, it’s a fast-paced arcade-style game that challenges players to defeat as many enemies as possible within a set time limit. The mode features multiple characters to choose fr

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Battle Pass and Live-Service Details Confirmed

Previous leaks about a Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League battle pass and live service were confirmed at today’s State of Play. Rocksteady’s gameplay showcase included a segment where the developers confirmed that the game will have a paid battle pass and that it intends to release post-game content in a live service format.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks like DC’s take on Marvel’s The Avengers

Today’s demo reminded many viewers of Marvel’s The Avengers from Crystal Dynamics.

PlayStation Commercial Logo Sound Creator Tohru Okada Has Died

If you’ve ever seen a PlayStation commercial, you’ve heard the iconic sound accompanying the logo. For almost the entirety of the platform’s existence, this note has been associated with it. Sadly, the man who composed it, Tohru Okada, died of heart failure on February 14 at age 73.

Tohru Okada, the man behind the PlayStation commercial sound, has died

Tohru Okada contributed one note to the PlayStation commercial, and that’s all it took to go down in history. As soon as you hear the metallic

Ukraine is Asking for an Atomic Heart Ban From Sony, Microsoft, and Valve

Ukraine wants Atomic Heart banned and will send an official request to Sony, Microsoft, and Valve to pull the game off their storefronts. The country wants its distribution limited because the developer of the game, Mundfish, allegedly has ties to Russian state-owned energy corporation Gazprom. Additionally, when asked, the developer hasn’t outright denounced the invasion of Ukraine, which leads many to believe Mundfish either supports it or is ambivalent about it.

Ukraine calls for Atomic Hear

Atomic Heart Save Room Cartoon Features Racist Caricature

A cartoon featured in Atomic Heart save rooms briefly features a racist caricature. In it, a wolf is chasing a hare through a museum and accidentally hits a statue which presumably is meant to depict an African tribesman. Although the scene is brief, it’s shocking that it somehow made it into a game in 2023.

Note: We’ve posted the image of caricature below for informational purposes. PSLS doesn’t condone or support any racist material.

The racist imagery in Atomic Heart comes from the cartoon

The Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 Return in this Month's PS Plus Classics Lineup

The Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 are coming to PS Classics later this month. These two classic RPGs launched toward the end of the PS1’s lifespan and represent a culmination of that generation’s game design. It’s been over a decade since the two received a re-release on PSN (which isn’t easy to access these days), and this marks the first time they’re available for modern consoles.

The Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 will be available for all PS Plus Premium subscribers soon

According t

Bobby Kotick Stays Activision Blizzard CEO if Microsoft Deal Blocked - Report

According to reports, Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, will reportedly keep his position even if Microsoft’s proposed acquisition is blocked by regulators or falls through. Kotick’s fate at the gaming giant has been in question since talk of the purchase began, with some sources saying he’ll leave, while others have stated Microsoft intends to retain him. If these new reports are to be believed, Activision Blizzard wants to keep the status quo if the deal is dropped.

Reports say Kotick

Hogwarts Legacy Review (PS5)

Hogwarts Legacy promises to take fans inside the halls of Hogwarts in a 1:1 scale experience for the first time. This premise is something that Harry Potter fans have spent years hoping would one day be realized, making it one of the most-hyped games of the decade, and a tall order for Avalanche Software — a team most known for its ill-fated Disney Infinity series.

For the most part, Avalanche has nailed it. Hogwarts Legacy is the closest we’ve been to living the life of a student at the titula

God of War Ragnarok Sales Numbers Spell Success for Santa Monica Studio

God of War Ragnarok has officially sold over 11 million copies since its release on November 9, 2022. This news, confirmed by a tweet from Santa Monica Studio, comes as no surprise as Ragnarok was a favored contender industry-wide for Game of the Year 2022.

The success of God of War Ragnarok can be attributed to the hard work and passion of the team at Santa Monica Studio. Their commitment to delivering top-notch gaming experiences has paid off, as evidenced by the game’s widespread popularity

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Release Date Delayed by a Month

We were all looking forward to the release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on March 17, 2023. But, unfortunately, Respawn has announced it’ll be delayed by a month. The reason stated is so that the devs can give it a little extra polish before launch.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release date is now in April

The new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release date is now April 28, 2023. According to the message on the official Twitter account, the delay is necessary to ensure that the game meets the high standar

January 31 Declared as Final Fantasy 7 Day in Japan

January 31 has been officially declared as Final Fantasy 7 Day by the Japan Anniversary Organisation (JAO), marking the 25th anniversary of the game’s PS1 release in Japan. The designation highlights the impact the title has had on the Japanese games industry and the overall medium of video games.

Final Fantasy 7 Day celebrates the impact of the game worldwide

Square Enix marked the occasion with a statement from Yoshinori Kitase, who worked on the original FF7 and is now the producer of FF7 R

Dead Space Remake Review (PS5)

After being burned by Resident Evil 3, I’m wary of any survival horror remake. So, I initially didn’t have high hopes for the Dead Space remake when it was announced. However, as EA Motive revealed more, I found my optimism rising. The studio stated multiple times that its prime directive was to be respectful of the source material, and it turned out better than I had hoped.

Note this review is aimed at readers who have played the original Dead Space. For a review from someone who didn’t experi

Hogwarts Legacy Will Take 40 Hours to Beat, 100+ Hours to 100%

You can expect to spend a significant amount of time exploring the vast, magical world of Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, it might take longer to beat it than many players anticipated.

Speaking with Gamereactor, Hogwarts Legacy Lead Designer Kelly Murphy said the game’s length is difficult to estimate due to different playstyles. He estimates you can expect to spend 40 hours or more on a first-time playthrough of the main story alone. However, if you choose to complete all of the side quests and expl

PSA: Dead Space Remake Leaks Reveal Almost Entire Playthrough

Gameplay of the Dead Space Remake has leaked, so those wanting to avoid getting the changes and tweaks Movie Studio has made to the original spoiled should be vigilant. While leaks are to be expected, in this case, almost an entire playthrough made its way onto the internet. Unfortunately, that means that there will be plenty of trolls eager to ruin the experience for those that’d rather wait to play it themselves.

Much of Dead Space Remake’s campaign has leaked, but EA seems like it’s on the b

The Last of Us HBO Series Opening Was Originally Much More Boring

The opening to The Last of Us HBO series was almost a lot more boring. Since most people who haven’t played the game aren’t intimately familiar with how the cordyceps fungus works, the show needed a way to spell that out quickly. It was decided to do that as an aside at the very beginning of the series, but the best way to do it was up in the air until nearly the end of filming.

The Last of Us HBO opening was originally more Planet Earth than Dick Clark

During the first episode of HBO’s The La

You Can Pre-Order This Ridiculously Expensive Resident Evil First Aid Spray Drink Now

A Resident Evil First Aid Spray-themed drink is available for pre-order from GameFlavor, but it’ll cost you. The collector’s box is priced at €167,23 ($181.41), and a limited edition (which isn’t available for pre-order yet) is listed at a whopping €839,50 ($910.67).

Spray your pain away with this pricey Resident Evil drink

The Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box comes in packaging based on the series’ iconic item box and contains:
• Four ink ribbon tins that contain drink powders th

Square Enix President New Year's Letter Focuses on Blockchain and NFTs Again

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda is doubling down on the blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3.0 tech in his 2023 New Year’s Letter, even after fans heavily criticized last year’s letter as being extremely out of touch. Unfortunately, despite 2022 being an absolutely horrific year for cryptocurrency and NFTs, Matsuda spent most of his latest letter discussing the company’s plans to utilize the blockchain in multiple upcoming titles.

Square Enix president emphasizes blockchain projects instead of prov

PSLS’s Game of the Year Awards: Best RPG and JRPG Games 2022

If you’re someone that can’t get enough of those epic, 40+ hour adventures, 2022 had a solid lineup. So, if you want to lose yourself in another world, take a look at our lineup of Best RPG and JRPG games of 2022 and see which took home the prize as our overall category winner.

For more of PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2022 awards, click here.

We weren’t expecting a sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers 25 years after that game’s release, but we’re glad it happened. Soul Hackers 2

Total Gran Turismo Sales Revealed as Series Hits Its 25th Anniversary

The Gran Turismo series has been a Sony staple since the original game launched on PS1 in 1997. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi discussed his history with the series and shared the Gran Turismo sales numbers over the last quarter century.

Writing on PS Blog, Yamauchi says the Gran Turismo series as a whole has sold over 90 million copies. Despite racing being a relatively niche genre, the franchise has been a consistent best-seller, only stumbling

PSLS’s Game of the Year Awards: Best Sports or Racing Game 2022

This year, sports fans had plenty of games to keep them busy. Whether you fancy racers, hitting the links, or pulling off some skateboard tricks, 2022 delivered a little of everything. In addition to the next entry in the beloved Gran Turismo series, fans also had a chance to experience something new and unique with games like Cursed to Golf. Whatever sport you gravitate to, it’s always fun to experience its gaming analog. So here are the Best Sports and Racing Games of 2022.

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