Microsoft is Confident the Activision Blizzard Deal Will Succeed Despite Increased Scrutiny

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is confident that the company’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard will receive regulatory approval. He believes that the amount of scrutiny the deal is receiving is normal and that regulators will find it above the board. Microsoft thinks Activision deal will go through despite scrutiny In an interview with Bloomberg, Nadella said of the Activision purchase, “Of course, any acquisition of this size will go through scrutiny, but we feel very, very confident

Ubisoft is 'Rewriting and Updating' Splinter Cell Remake Story 'For a Modern-Day Audience'

The Splinter Cell remake might be more of a reimagining. A recent Ubisoft job listing for a scriptwriter on the project states that the studio is “using the first Splinter Cell game as our foundation” and mentions “rewriting and updating the story for a modern-day audience.” Splinter Cell remake may be a lot different than the original The full job listing (archive) for the Splinter Cell remake scriptwriter reads: “Using the first Splinter Cell game as our foundation, we are rewriting and upd

PSVR 2 Won't be Backward Compatible with Original PSVR Games

Sony finally confirmed that the PSVR 2 won’t be backward compatible with original PSVR games. PlayStation Senior Vice President of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino confirmed the news in an interview on the Official PlayStation Podcast. Sony has dodged the question about the PSVR 2 supporting backward compatibility for original PSVR games since it announced the headset. Fortunately, we finally got an answer during Episode 439 of the Official PlayStation Podcast (around the 29:10 mark): Q: Wh

Like a Dragon: Ishin Remaster Finally Brings Japan-Only Yakuza Spin-Off West

Like a Dragon: Ishin, a remaster of the Japan-only Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin, was announced at today’s State of Play. This Yakuza series spin-off takes place in feudal Japan and stars many familiar faces in new roles. Like a Dragon: Ishin comes exclusively to PS4 and PS5 in 2023 Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin was released in Japan in 2014, just a few years before the series saw a massive boost in popularity with the release of Yakuza 0. As such, Sega didn’t see it being worth the effort, given that it’s just

PlayStation Stars Release Date Revealed at State of Play

Sony revealed more info about PlayStation Stars at today’s State of Play. We got a rough release date and a preview of what kind of digital collectibles will be available through the service. We also got a hint about how you’ll earn them in the accompanying PlayStation Blog. PS Stars will start rolling out in Asia in late September. The Americas and Europe should follow soon afterward. The trailer showed a few examples of collectibles that’ll be available: Players will be able to earn PlayStat

Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Hogsmeade PlayStation Exclusive Quest Trailer Shown at State of Play

We got a peek at the PlayStation-exclusive Hogwarts Legacy mission at today’s State of Play. The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest will take players into the darker parts of the wizard village as they search for the secrets of Madam Mason’s establishment. The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop gives players a chance to obtain the deed to their own place to sell items. However, the proprietor, Cassandra Mason, seems a bit too eager to get rid of it. There are strange things below the floorboards, and you’ll have

Project Eve Revealed as Stellar Blade at State of Play Alongside Release Window

We first saw Project Eve in the PlayStation Showcase in 2021, and in today’s State of Play, it saw a full unveiling and a new name, Stellar Blade. We got a brief look at combat and a taste of the story, along with a release window. Stellar Blade is set to release sometime in 2023. The game is from Shift Up Corporation, a Korean studio that is relatively unknown outside its home country. It looks like it will be its first major non-mobile release in the West. Despite this, the game looks great,

Rise of the Ronin From Team Ninja Announced at State of Play

Team Ninja is going back to feudal Japan in Rise of the Ronin. However, this time around, things seem to be rooted more firmly in reality than what we saw in Nioh. The upcoming action RPG is set at the end of the Edo period and looks to pair a historically-inspired story with over-the-top combat. Rise of the Ronin is Team Ninja’s take on the end of feudal Japan Unlike previous Team Ninja games, Rise of the Ronin seems to be geared toward an open-world experience. You’ll play as one of the titu

Assassin's Creed Codename Red Finally Takes the Series to Feudal Japan

Assassin’s Creed: Codename Red will finally take the series to feudal Japan. The next main game after Mirage will put us in the shoes of a shinobi assassin, but that’s about all we know about it. Unfortunately, nothing was revealed about the game at Ubisoft Forward 2022 aside from its brief teaser. Assassin’s Creed goes to Japan in the next main title Fans have been requesting Japan as an Assassin’s Creed destination since the series’ inception, and now they’re finally getting their wish. The

Assassin's Creed: Codename Hexe Might Give the Series a Witchy Twist

Assassin’s Creed: Codename Hexe is the most mysterious of the titles announced at today’s Ubisoft Forward 2022 showcase. The brief teaser shows a wooden sculpture hanging from a tree that instantly brings to mind the Blair Witch Project. This, paired with the name “hexe,” seem to point to this being a title involving witchcraft. Assassin’s Creed: Codename Hexe might introduce witchcraft to the series The tweet that came alongside the Assassin’s Creed: Codename Hexe trailer gave us the hint “we

Amy Hennig's Skydance Captain America and Black Panther Marvel Game Features Four Playable Characters

We learned a bit more about Amy Hennig’s upcoming Marvel game from Skydance News Media at today’s Disney & Marvel Game Showcase. While the title is still shrouded in secret, we at least got a hint at its setting. We also found out the playable character roster, and it seems like it’s going beyond just Captain America and Black Panther. Amy Hennig’s Marvel game has four playable characters, including Captain America and Black Panther We had already heard rumors that the (still) untitled Skydanc

Next Battlefield Game in Development, New Studio Making the Campaign

A new Battlefield game is on the way, and a new studio will develop part of it. EA revealed that Ridgeline Games, led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, will be working on the campaign for the next entry in the Battlefield franchise. Unfortunately, this might not be good news for some fans of the series. Next Battlefield campaign in development at newly revealed Ridgeline Games studio After Battlefield 2042 flopped, Respawn head Vince Zampella was out in charge of the franchise. With this change

The Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6) Brings Transmog and New Content

The Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Update 1.6 patch notes are out, and it’s actually bringing some new content and not just bugfixes. It adds cosmetic slots for clothing which finally allows you to keep all the protection of the game’s best armor while keeping your signature look. CD Projekt Red has also added cross-progression to the game, which is great since the upcoming expansion won’t be coming to PS4 or Xbox One. Here’s what’s new in the Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.6 patch The Cyberpunk 2077 Edg

Konami is Announcing a New Game at Tokyo Game Show From a 'World-Famous Series'

Konami is announcing a mystery game at Tokyo Game Show, and fans of Castlevania, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Suikoden are bracing themselves for disappointment. The reveal will come on September 16 as part of a 45-minute long segment, which voice actor Yuki Kaji will host. What new game is Konami revealing at TGS? Konami’s official TGS line-up describes the mystery game presentation as: Kaji has voiced characters in two Suikoden games, which initially made us think that series might finally

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.18 Patch Notes Show Bug Fixes and a Face Paint Surprise

Horizon Forbidden West update 1.18 was released today and primarily consists of bug fixes. However, there is a nice little bonus in the form of the Mark of Pride face paint. We’ll hit the highlights of patch 1.18 below. The Mark of Pride face paint is the most noticeable addition in the Horizon Forbidden West 1.18 patch notes. This free cosmetic gives Aloy a tasteful tribal interpretation of a pride flag to wear. You can find it at the Painters in Scalding Spear, Thornmarsh, and The Bulwark. W

MultiVersus Might Get Big Chungus as a Fighter or Skin

We might see Big Chungus in MultiVersus. An application for a trademark on Bugs Bunny’s chunkier alter ego has been filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office by Warner Bros. Entertainment. However, the trademark covers just about every application of the character you can think of, including gaming, movies, TV shows, clothing, toys, literature, and more, so we could see Big Chungus pop up anywhere. Big Chungus is coming (maybe to MultiVersus), oh lawd he comin’ MultiVersus is

The Callisto Protocol Has a Trophy for Dying Every Possible Way

It looks like The Callisto Protocol is shaping up to be a gruesome experience. One of the trophies in the game will be awarded to players for viewing every single way you can die. The Callisto Protocol trophy list contains an award for dying a lot In an interview with IGN Japan (via IGN Nordic), The Callisto Protocol studio Striking Distance CTO Mark James revealed the trophy: We’re working on our achievements and trophies at the moment, and we actually have an achievement in there for seeing

Filming Concluded on Twisted Metal TV Show

Filming for the upcoming Twisted Metal TV show has wrapped. The action comedy is set to premiere on Peacock and will star Antony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Captain America) as a wisecracking amnesiac. Scriptwriter Michael Jonathan took to Twitter with the news that shooting had wrapped on the first season of Twisted Metal. He celebrated the work of the cast and crew’s work with these words: The cast and crew of Twisted Metal was something special. Even with lightning delays, extreme heat, and ca

Resident Evil 4 Remake Won't Make it to TGS 2022

The Resident Evil 4 remake is one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming games, and after it missed Gamescom, we hoped we’d get a peek of it at Tokyo Game Show 2022. But, unfortunately, it looks like that’s not part of the plan for Capcom. Capcom released its TGS 2022 line-up today, and fans immediately noticed an omission. Resident Evil Village Gold Edition made the cut, but it looks like we won’t get an update on Resident Evil 4 remake. Aside from Village, we’ll see news on Exoprimal, Street

Alleged Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Release Date Leaked by Insider

It looks like early 2023’s calendar just got even busier. According to an industry insider, the release date for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be sometime in March 2023. Neither Respawn Entertainment nor EA has confirmed launch timing for the game other than it’ll come out sometime in 2023. However, according to Jeff Grubb, who has an excellent track record, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will release in March 2023. It’ll debut during the same month as Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars, a novel that cover
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