Report: Sony Quietly Fixing PS Plus Upgrade Pricing for Discounted Users After Backlash

Earlier today, we reported that Sony had planned to make PS Plus subscribers that purchased the service at discounted rates pay the difference to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium. However, it seems like this policy is being slowly rolled back as more and more PlayStation owners register their ire. Users on Reddit (via ResetEra) are reporting that their upgrade pricing no longer requires them to pay back the discount amount. Sony no longer requires users to pay back PS Plus discounts

No Man's Sky Leviathan Update Adds New Expedition Featuring Roguelike Gameplay and a Space Whale

The No Man’s Sky Leviathan update brings another swathe of content to the game. Expedition 7: Leviathan introduces a riff on roguelikes in the form of a time loop. As players travel through loops, they’ll have to collaborate with Specialist Polo to try and find a way to break free. As usual, there are a bunch of cool rewards for those who complete the expedition, including a unique, organic capital ship. Here’s what’s new in the No Man’s Sky Leviathan update Hot on the tail of the Outlaw updat

Sony Quietly Removed the Ability to Transfer Games from PS3 to Vita

Sony is continuing to slowly wind down PS3 and Vita functionality. The latest feature to be discontinued is the ability to transfer games from PS3 to Vita. While this might not seem like a big deal on the surface, there’s a sizable list of games that you can only install on the Vita by transferring them from the PS3. What PS Vita games could only be installed via transfer from PS3? For some reason, there were PS1 and PSP games that you could only install on the Vita if you transferred them fro

Trophy List for PS1 Games Wild Arms, Syphon Filter, and Others Hit PSN Ahead of PS Plus Premium Release

Sony is slowly rolling out the PS1 Classics for PS4 and PS5 in the PSN backend ahead of the launch of PS Plus Premium in Asia on May 24. Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, Intelligent Qube, Syphon Filter, and Wild Arms trophy lists have appeared, putting them among the PS1 titles receiving enhancements for their release on the service. PS1 Classic trophy lists for PS4 and PS5 so far The full trophy lists for the following PS1 titles have been added to PSN so far (via Exophase): It’s possible (and pr

New Red Dead Redemption Remake Leak Likely False

Another claim that a Red Dead Redemption remake and next-gen port of Red Dead Redemption 2 has hit social media, but don’t get caught up in the hype. The source is dubious at best, and they are using artwork from a previously debunked “leak.” Despite this, several publications have latched onto the rumor regardless of its lack of legitimacy. Since the PS4 and Xbox One launched, rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remake or port have circulated on a regular basis. However, the frequency of these inc

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story: Is it Worth Buying?

You have to hand it to Square Enix. After the terrible reception The Quiet Man got, you’d think it would stay away from FMV games. Well, it did the opposite and published The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story from game studio h.a.n.d. However, even more surprising than the fact that Square Enix rolled the dice again on what is essentially a dead (other than a few notable instances) genre is that it’s actually rather good. The hardest thing about making a good FMV game is that, by its nature, the

The Xbox Series S Outsold PS5 in Japan Last Week, But It's Complicated

It’s no big secret that Microsoft has struggled to crack into the Japanese market. All four generations of Xbox have seen minuscule uptake in a country that vastly prefers to buy domestic hardware from Nintendo and Sony. However, last week something extraordinary happened. Over May 9-15, the Xbox Series S outsold the PS5 by a 2:1 ratio. Looking at these numbers (via Famitsu), you might think that Microsoft has finally hit its stride in Japan after two decades. However, while the Xbox Series X|S

Fall Guys Free-to-Play Update Includes Cross-Play and Cross-Progression

As predicted, Fall Guys is going free-to-play starting next month. Alongside the move to a F2P model, Mediatonic will be releasing a PS5 version of the game with some significant enhancements that take advantage of the more powerful hardware. Additionally, season 7 (which Mediatonic is actually calling Fall Guys Free For All Season 1) will launch with this update, which will bring new rounds, obstacles, and features to the game. Fall Guys is going free-to-play and launching a PS5 version Media

Nintendo Switch Passes the PS4 in Overall Unit Sales in the U.S.

The PlayStation 4 has slipped positions and is now the 5th highest selling console in U.S. history. The April 2022 NPD numbers report that the Nintendo Switch now holds the #4 slot and shows no signs of stopping. After passing the PS4, the only three consoles that outpace the Switch are the PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii. The Switch passes PS4 to take #4 in lifetime unit sales in the U.S. Though the Switch surpassed the PS4 in the U.S., the console still has a ways to go worldwide. The grand total for

Elden Ring DLC May Be in the Works According to Hint from Kadokawa Financial Report

Elden Ring is the biggest hit of 2022 so far, and FromSoftware parent company Kadokawa wants to keep the train rolling. Though the game has already seen almost unheard of user retention and growth for a single-player-focused title, Kadokawa is investigating ways to keep customers enjoying it for even longer. What that says to us is that Elden Ring DLC is likely in the works. Kadokawa recently released its Fiscal Year 2022 financial report, which gave us insight into how the company is reacting

Fall Guys Rumored to be Going F2P as Mediatonic Teases Biggest Ever Announcement

A major Fall Guys announcement is coming next week, and fans are speculating about what the future holds for the game. While the game was trendy when it was released in August 2020, it’s largely fallen out of the public consciousness since then. Epic Games acquired developer Mediatonic in March 2021, and a new launcher was recently released that requires players to link an Epic Games account. Many are assuming that figures into the announcement somehow. One of the more astonishing things about

Alan Wake 2 Development Is Going Well but Remedy Has Canceled Plans To Show It off This Summer

Development on Alan Wake 2 is going well, but don’t plan on getting any big news about it soon. Despite promising that it’d show off Alan Wake 2 this summer, Remedy Entertainment has reneged and is now declining to do so. However, we did get a few shots of concept art to tide us over for now. No Alan Wake 2 info is coming this summer Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake, Alan Wake actor Ilkka Villi, and Alan Wake voice actor Matthew Poretta hosted an anniversary update stream celebrating the seri

Capcom Will Release Double the Games in FY2023 Than it Did in FY2022

Capcom is planning to double its output for fiscal year 2023 with 45 SKUs compared to last year’s 24. In its financial report for 2021/2022, the company projects 37 million units will be sold in FY2023, 10 million from new titles, and 27 million from its previous catalog (which includes remasters and ports). Despite doubling the number of new titles, Capcom’s numbers are slightly conservative, as it sold 32.6 million units last year. Capcom is releasing twice the number of SKUs in 2023 than in

PS Plus Subscriber Numbers Have Dropped, but Sony Isn't Worried

PS Plus subscriber numbers have slightly dipped, but Sony isn’t worried. The gaming boom that coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed as restrictions have lifted, and the company is taking a realistic look at the numbers. So, even though there’s been a decline in users, it’s seen net growth over the last few years. PS Plus subscriber decline is nothing to worry about FY2021 financial results for the company reported that PS Plus had 47.4 million subscribers as of March 2022, which is d

FIFA Series Rebranded to EA Sports FC, FIFA Says It'll 'Create a Rival'

The FIFA series is ending after 30 years. EA confirmed that it’ll be rebranding its premier soccer game to EA Sports FC starting in 2023. That means FIFA 23 will be the last entry to carry that title. EA execs have been quoted saying that the FIFA brand might be holding the series back due to the baggage that comes with it. So, it’s not surprising that it’s finally axing the association. However, the FIFA name will be returning to a video game in the future. After the news broke that EA wouldn’

Duke Nukem Forever Build From 2001 Leaks

Information, screenshots, and clips from an early build of Duke Nukem Forever circa 2001 have leaked. Development on the game took 15 years, and the final product was widely panned, effectively killing the franchise. However, fan reaction to the build shown at E3 2001 was very positive, which leaves us wondering what the game would have been like if 3D Realms had released that iteration. Duke Nukem Forever leak answers questions fans have had for decades The Duke Nukem Forever leak occurred on

Poor Call of Duty: Vanguard Sales Blamed on WW2 Setting

Activision Blizzard is admitting that Call of Duty: Vanguard didn’t meet expectations. In its 2021 annual report, the company stated that it believes that the World War II setting and lack of innovation over previous titles were the causes. Vanguard’s year-on-year sales were down 40% in the UK compared to Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, and hype for the 2021 release has been noticeably lower across social channels. Call of Duty: Vanguard sold significantly fewer copies than its predecessor

NYC Sues Activision Blizzard, Accuses Bobby Kotick of Securing the Microsoft Takeover to Escape Liability

New York City is leveling a lawsuit at Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, which accuses him of securing the takeover bid from Microsoft so he could escape liability for allegations of rampant harassment and misconduct at Activision Blizzard. The New York City Employees’ Retirement System, New York City Fire Department Pension Fund, New York City Police Pension Fund, New York City Board of Education Retirement System, and Teachers’ Retirement System for the City of New York all invested in Act

The Last of Us 2 Datamine Reveals Playable Jackson Dance Scene and Cut Boar Hunt

A The Last of Us: Part 2 datamine has uncovered some cut content from the game. One of these is a model of Ellie from a scene involving a boar hunt that was previously discussed on Troy Baker’s podcast, Relater, by game director Neil Druckmann. The other is a rough draft of Jackson that points to some significant changes to that part of the game during development. Dataminer uncovers The Last of Us 2 cut content The cut content for The Last of Us 2 was found by YouTuber Specilizer, who special

PlayStation Game Preservation Team Is Focusing on Archival Efforts Not PS3 Emulation

Fans should lower their expectations regarding Sony’s new game preservation team, at least for now. News that a dedicated team had been formed to archive games had some guessing that it would be working on PS3 emulation on PS5. However, Senior Build Engineer Garrett Fredley, who broke the news about the preservation team, clarified that he wasn’t currently working on emulation and that his work was focused on archival only. Will the PlayStation game preservation team work on a PS3 emulator for
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